Workers' Educational Association WEA of Finland

Työväen Sivistysliitto TSL - Workers’ Educational Association WEA of Finland is one of the biggest Finnish educational associations (study centres), by the volume of activities and by the participation in studies.

TSL/WEA is a decentralised organization providing educational services directly to the students. This is facilitated by the regional services and communications technology applied by TSL - WEA of Finland.

TSL - WEA of Finland focuses on team work skills, communicative skills, IT skills and self-actualization and promotes educational activity in the Finnish society. TSL – WEA of Finland provides general adult education especially for the less-educated adult population hit hardest by the ongoing structural change.

TSL - WEA of Finland offers advisory services and consulting on education, trains tutors and leaders for study groups, organizes courses and publishes study material. TSL - WEA of Finland has also many years of experience in organizing distance teaching and multi-method training.

For TSL - WEA of Finland, Europe stands for the free movement of people and communication. Innovation, language skills and communicative networks at the grassroots level are the key to this goal. TSL - WEA of Finland trains local-level decision makers to become experts on the regional and structural policy of the European Union.

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